Ocean Cross Capital Markets ('OCCM") is a U.S. based advisory and private boutique investment banking firm specializing in acquisitions and mergers primarily with companies under $20,000,000 in revenues.   OCCM also consults with companies in their public and private funding, valuation, market entry strategy, mergers and acquisitions and provides introduction to broker-dealers, market makers, financial public relations firms, attorneys that specializes in securities laws, and accountants. 
Our company includes individuals with expertise and knowledge in all of the areas that are required to successfully complete reverse merger transactions. We assist our clients on strategic planning, corporate and securities law, SEC accounting, investor relations, capital raising and investment banking matters. We also help provide strategic investment and acquisition for early-stage companies. In support of our investment and M&A focus, we provide strategic consulting and business development services. Airam Capital has evolved as the market has grown and rules have changed and continue to change. We are a company that is comfortable working in a demanding new economy requiring creativity and quick responses to changing market conditions.