The Power of Cause Association has exploded in recent years even though it is a relatively young concept. Considering today’s competitive environment, it has never been more important for small businesses, personal agents and advisors to have something that separates them from their competition. Perhaps it is time to consider developing Cause-Related Alliances.
As a broad definition, a Cause-Related Alliance is when a nonprofit and a for-profit corporation or personal advisor partner together with the purpose of advancing the mission-related work of the nonprofit and the marketing goals of the corporation or advisor.  The purpose is to create a win-win situation for both participants.
With regard to the “marketing” side of the equation, the idea is to attract consumers who support the “cause” side of the program.   Experience and history show that Cause-Related Marketing (CRM) , when used properly, can be a VERY effective way to attract prospects to your business or agency AND separate you from your competition.    With that in mind, we have established a relationship with a number of non-profit organization that might make for good Cause-Related Alliances for clients.  
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