Crowdfunding & Regulation A+

Everyone has heard of the success with Kickstarter, Indegogo and other crowdfunding sites over the last several years.  For the people that have been keeping up and staying in the loop with these various new sites, its no doubt that you are witnessing changing times on how companies get funded.  However, although successes at Kickstarter and others in the marketplace have changed traditional financing, it still left a gap in the capital markets for equity raises in startups and emerging growth companies to participate in this phenomenom.

Crowfunding is going to be and has already started to become a game changer in the how capital is raised especially when you also consider that over 95% of business plans that are received by accredited investors and VCs are rejected.   It's no surprse that entrepreneurs have been looking elsewher for funding and having the ability to raise capital via crowdfunfing methods along with Regulation A+ offeging is going to change the course for many.  It also provides an exit strategy for investors which is always a common question asked by prospective investors.

Ocean Cross Capital can take your small to mid-sized company, analyze its merits, and offer a turnkey solution to raising the capital that you need and require for your Company to successfully execute your business development and growth.

Predications for 2017 and Beyond

It has been estimated that in the next 10 years, the crowdfund market will boom to a $300B a year industry and that 2017 will see crowdfunding exceed venture capital funding.    

Ocean Cross Capital has aligned ourselves with groundbreaking companies in the crowdfunding space for mide-sized companies and mature startups.

Contact us to find out how Ocean Cross Capital can make your next Crowdfunding project a succesful one through a Regulation A+ Offering.  Our team of professionals and partners will take you from the beginning of analyzing the merits of your business plan and funding requirements, to preparing your Regulation A+ Offering for SEC approval, to marketing your Crowdfunding Campaign so that you can achieve your funding goals.   

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